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Turn YOUR BOOK into a BESTSELLER audio program by the acclaimed international book promoter and media expert Joanne McCall


YOU MUST listen this audio program:

  • You have written a book, and want to make it (and you) famous . . .
  • You have an IDEA for a book, but haven't written it yet . . .

Every author must have this knowledge to be successful!

Whether you have a publisher, you're self-published, or you are considering entering this industry, you must be ready, willing and able to promote your own book. Here are all the 'insider' secrets to making your book a huge bestseller!

Are you self-publishing? (your book will go nowhere and collect dust unless you get this media insider's knowledge!)
Do you have a publisher? (discover the secrets for getting tons of exposure for your book with help from your publisher!)
Do you have a publicist? (discover how you can collaborate with your publicist to secure exponential results!)
Have an idea for a book? (knowing how to market and publicize your book for maximum visibility before you write
      it may be just the incentive you need to finally write it!)
These skills are transferable. You can take these new skills and apply them to any kind of project that needs promotion and publicity!


Whether you have written a book, or just have an idea for one,
this is for you!

Most of us, at one time or another, have felt we have a book in us. But if we write it, will anyone read it? Will it sell?

The answer is a resounding YES - if you know the secrets to successfully promoting it. This is your chance to get the inside scoop directly from a true expert of book promotion and the media. Someone who has been not only a hugely successful book publicist, but also a radio personality and talk show host. She's had hundreds of publicists pitch their books and authors to her, so she's seen the game from both sides. Joanne McCall knows what works, and what doesn't. Even publishers themselves attend her classes!

'Joanne understands the media in a way that only an insider can; that is indeed an asset for any publisher who works with her.'
Cindy Black, Publisher
Atria Books / Beyond Words
'Joanne McCall has worked with AMACOM and its authors for several years now and we can always count on her to get the job done.'
Irene Majuk,
Publicity Director, AMACOM Books
American Management Association


Fact: having a publisher isn't enough!

Having a publisher doesn't necessarily mean you'll have publicity. In fact, the most common complaint of authors is that their publishers aren't doing enough to promote their books, aren't responsive, etc. If you want your book to be big, you must take matters into your own hands! And you CAN, with the critical information you'll get in this Audio Program!

Find out what the Chopra Center, Hay House, The American Management Association, Hazelden Publishing, and hundreds of bestselling authors already know and have learned personally from Joanne!

Why pay $60,000?

A book publicist will charge you between $2,000 and $10,000 per month, and will usually require a 6-month contract. If you're on a budget, these are tough prices to meet. There is another way: taking control of your own publicity campaign, with Joanne as your mentor!

Of course, you could also go to one of those publicity seminars in various cities like New York and L.A. But they commonly cost from a few thousand up to $10,000, PLUS the travel, hotel and other expenses!

 Instead of feeling like you wasted $10,000 or more, invest in yourself! You can participate in Joanne McCall's renowned publicity audio program for only $497!* This is a limited time offer! For a tiny fraction of what a publicity professional or seminar costs, you can have all their secrets dropped right into your hands!

joanne-hp.jpg About Joanne McCall

Joanne McCall has sat on both sides of the microphone. She's not only a super-experienced book publicist, she's also got 15 years of experience as a radio personality and talk show host. You can't beat this combination in a publicity mentor. Joanne knows what the media are looking for, and how to push their buttons. She knows what gets them interested in one book, while another is not even on the radar screen. Because she's been there herself!

'Joanne is positive, proactive and highly productive. She does a terrific job and follows through on every commitment.'
Brian Tracy, Mega-Selling Author
Goals, Create Your Own Future, Victory
and 28 additional titles

  (see bottom of page for other powerful testimonials!) 

Come as you are

Over the years, Joanne has learned that for every author who has thousands of dollars to pay to a publicist or the money to travel to a seminar, there are ten who don't. That leaves multitudes of authors with nowhere to turn for the 'insider' advice they need to turn their books into bestsellers.

That's why she created this audio program. You get thousands of dollars worth of vital information for a modest cost, and all you need is your computer or your MP3 Player!

'Joanne has assisted me in creating a National Best Seller with Chocolate for a Woman's Soul. I could not have done it without her!'
Kay Allenbaugh, Author
Chocolate for a Woman's Soul


  How to create a dazzling media kit (online and offline) that gets noticed
  From ho-hum to hooked: how to create killer pitch letters
  How to put together your media list
  Pitch your ideas like a pro
  Learn the interview techniques people pay thousands for
  What NOT to do: an insider's secrets
  How to tie into news, topical trends, holidays, and the calendar
  What kind of campaign to put together (national, regional, local, grassroots?)
  How to think like an editor, producer or blogger
  Assessing the culture of a publication, show or blog
  Social media; everybody's talking about it and you should too!
  How to be a great guest
  What the media expects from you
  Mistakes you should never make on the day of an interview
  Media etiquette and netiquette: how to pitch
  Successful media campaigns that have created bestsellers


Why you must act quickly!

If you act quickly, you'll get the special price of only $497 (that's over $500 off the regular price of $1000).

* EXTRA BONUS! The first 15 people who sign up will get a half-hour of personal, one-on-one phone time with Joanne McCall (a $280 value!)! Use it to get personalized advice on your particular book or idea, and plans for making it famous!

SAVE OVER  $500!


Here's what you get for only $497 if you act now 

            The Audio Program (regular price $1000):


BONUS#1: 'A half-hour of personal, one-on-one phone time with Joanne McCall (first 15 respondents only!). A $280 value!  
BONUS#2: 'Five Winning Pitch Letters That Really Work'
BONUS #3 'Top 50 book media contacts'.


 COST: only $497 if you act now
(save over $500! This is a limited time offer!)


What people are saying about Joanne McCall!

'Joanne is positive, proactive and highly productive. She does a terrific job and follows through on every commitment.'
Brian Tracy, Top-Selling Author
Goals, Create Your Own Future, Victory
and 28 additional titles
'Working with Joanne was an absolute dream. In addition to securing multiple interviews for my book, she was also fabulous working with my Publisher, Hay House, to ensure a collaborative effort. I highly recommend Joanne McCall if you want to work with the best!'
Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch (
"Joanne designed a publicity campaign that succeeded on every level. I'd definitely recommend her services and am quite certain that you will feel as satisfied as I am."
Dr. Allen Berger, author of 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery & Love Secrets Revealed
'Joanne McCall is a publicist who knows how to get things done. I highly recommend working with her.'
Richard Bandler,
co-founder of NLP,
author of Get the Life you Want & more
'Joanne is one of the most professional people I've worked with. She has the uncanny ability to assess a situation and find the right solution. Energetic and organized, Joanne does what it takes to promote your book or project.'
Tammy Kling, Author
The Compass; Exit Row & Searching for a Piece of My Soul
'Since I started with Joanne, my first book has been one of the top selling mood disorder books in the U.S. I've published two books since then with major companies and not one of the publicists I was assigned has even come close to the success I had with Joanne.'
Julie Fas
Author of Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder
'Joanne McCall is an extremely creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable publicist who knows how to maximize publicity opportunities for her clients in every medium - print, radio, TV, and cyberspace. Based on a year of outstanding service and excellent results, I wholeheartedly recommend Joanne to anyone seeking a first-rate publicist.'
Tom Coens, Author
Abolishing Performance Appraisals
'Because publicist Joanne McCall understands what motivates members of the press - out of her own broadcasting background - she effectively coaches authors in reaching the interests and sensibilities of interviewers. Joanne is supportive of authors and tenacious in securing publicity opportunities. It truly is a pleasure to work with Joanne McCall.'
Pamela J. Gordon, Author
Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment
'Working with Joanne is an absolute joy. She has helped promote two of my books and has arranged a number of significant events in both cases. She is responsive, professional, and extremely well connected. She definitely knows the important people in her market. Without a doubt, she is one of the best publicists I have used.'
Michael Glauser, Author
Glorious Accidents and The Business of Heart
'Joanne has assisted me in creating a National Best Seller with Chocolate for a Woman's Soul. Her extensive expertise, great sense of timing, and wonderful sense of humor allows her to create magic with whomever she comes in contact with. I could not have done it without her!'
Kay Allenbaugh, Author
Chocolate for a Woman's Soul
'McCall's deep understanding of marketing, communications, and the media make her a formidable partner for any author wishing to successfully launch a book. The quality of media hits she secures have been top tier and continuous. This, combined with the personal coaching she provides before and during a campaign, guarantees both results and a level of personal learning you will carry with you always.'
Mary Jenkins, Author
Abolishing Performance Appraisals
'Joanne is the perfect matchmaker between authors and radio hosts. Her combination of an insider's viewpoint, boundless energy and true care for the needs of clients (and producers) positions her to deliver results for everybody. I am so glad that Joanne was part of my team during the launch of my book. If you want a savvy publicist that gets the job done, and is a joy to work with, then pick Joanne.'
Kim Stezala, The Scholarship Lady, Author of
Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash For College (AMACOM 2008)

"A unique barometer of Joanne's effectiveness is how our authors often keep her on at their own expense when her campaign with HCI has ended. Joanne's a rare gem."
Kim Weiss
Director of Communications
HCI Books, The Life Issues Publisher
'Joanne is persistent, savvy, and organized--qualities that are critical in a publicist. She also understands the media in a way that only an insider can; that is indeed an asset for any publisher who works with her.'
Cindy Black, Publisher
Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.
'Joanne McCall has worked with AMACOM and its authors for several years now and we can always count on her to get the job done.'
Irene Majuk,
Publicity Director, AMACOM Books
'Joanne is a great teacher - a wonderful communicator, helpful, insightful, and best of all - fun. I had a blast and learned so much at the same time.'
Marilyn Schwader, Clarity of Vision Publishing

'We always know Joanne's call is worth returning. You can bet she's thought through how an interview can be tailored to inform and entertain OUR listeners, making for very good radio. How does she do it? She's been on this side of the phone. I worked with her then and always marveled at her ability as the interviewer, to ask provocative questions.'
Barbara Scott Sherry, Production Director,
WPCH Radio, Atlanta
'The fantastic thing about Joanne is how well she understands the different kinds of media and is able to help our programs at the same time she helps her authors. We always know that when Joanne comes to us with an idea, it's going to make for a good interview that our listeners are going to love.'
John Erickson, News Director,
KKCW (K103 FM), Portland, Oregon
'How does she FIND these great authors? Not only can I count on Joanne McCall for great guests, I can count on her friendly personality, professional demeanor and ability to connect with my goals. You have no idea how hard it is to find all that in one publicist!'
Theresa Caldwell, Producer
The Audrey Chapman Show, WHUR-FM Host,
'Say It By Heart,'

'Joanne's wisdom, experience and humor provide an energizing and catalytic group workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about publicizing a book. I highly recommend it.'
Donna Schuurman, author of Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Parent,
St. Martin's Press
Executive Director, The Dougy Center for Grieving Children
'It's almost indescribable the special qualities Joanne brings to her classes: Compassion, knowledge, fun, integrity, ease. This is more than a PR class. It teaches you to skillfully connect with the audience to which you most want to connect. And, you leave deeply knowing fantastic colleagues who care about the world.'
Barb MacKay
'Joanne conducts her class with tact and grace, guiding self-published authors through the mystery of media with ease. Great insight!'
Kathie Nelson
'I expected a professional, egotistical 'expert' and found a warm, personable, knowledgeable, experienced, attractive mentor with genuine concern for each of her students.'
'Joanne gave me some wonderful tips and techniques from her 18 years in broadcasting that I believe will definitely help in promoting my book and my marketing efforts.'
'Joanne's knowledge coupled with her use of the group made for a good learning experience, which assisted me in focusing on the marketing of my book, The 50 Most Asked Questions form the Newly Unemployed.'
Cleon Cox
'Not only did I develop a press kit, but also the 'secrets' of how to get it to the right person. I continue to develop expansive, surprising and exciting ideas.'
Karen Saber