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Joanne McCall specializes in generating national recognition for her authors and their books by developing strong publicity campaigns and by helping them to build an exceptional platform. This often leads to additional opportunities such as keynote speaking engagements, expanded business possibilities, new publishing deals, and ongoing relationships with reporters and producers. Mccall also helps authors who have a limited budget to do it themselves. This is in the form of one-on-one phone coaching, teleseminars, speaking and other products for helping people to do it for themselves.


Authors: Joanne's clients are mainly authors and publishers of non-fiction books, including but not limited to: Business (workplace, leadership and management, careers), health (fitness, self-help, healing and wellness), and books having to do with spirituality (alternative medicine, feng shui, astrology, intuition,). Occasionally, she works on sports books because they're so much fun and sports media is very receptive.

Publishers: McCall is frequently hired by publishers to focus on particular aspects of an author's media campaign. For example, a publisher might hire Joanne to develop a long-lead galley list of reviewers and magazines, or create and execute an online campaign with outreach to web sites, bloggers, and social media outlets. Other possibilities include a national and regional radio campaign, national TV, print, or other appearances time to coordinate with the author's national touring schedule or work schedule.

The authors Joanne takes on as clients fit the following criteria:

  • She has to love the author's material. In order to promote a book, she has to love it and believe in it. McCall won't waste a client's money. She has to feel that this will be a win-win-win situation for her, for the author, and for readers.
  • She has to believe the media will love it, too. Remember, Joanne is a member of the media insider's club. She knows what the media is looking for and whether a book is going to fly. She only takes on books that she believes media will respond to.
  • The client has to be 'media-genic' or willing to train. Not all authors are natural-born television and radio personalities; some need coaching. Joanne's clients are personalities who enthuse the public and have chemistry with their interviewers.
  • She and the author have to have chemistry. Joanne and the clients she takes on genuinely like each other%u2014and that makes working together a breeze.


Joanne customizes each publicity campaign to suit the client's goals, and is ever mindful of national news trends and tie-ins with major news events. She can mix and match the following services:

  • Create an eye-catching, well-written media kit and pitch letters that appeal to print editors, book reviewers, bloggers, and journalists.

  • Create pitch letters and press releases aimed specifically at radio and television producers
  • Media training that develops videos and clips for You Tube, blogs, Amazon, and other outlets in order to promote the author and the book.
  • Conduct a targeted national and/or regional radio campaign
  • Secure top-tier national television appearances and key local television markets
  • Get author placements in major national print media, including magazines, newspapers, and industry journals
  • Offer media coaching to prepare author for broadcast interviews and public speaking
  • Serve as publisher's liaison between the author, publisher's sales department, in-house publicity team, and the media
  • Help authors and publishers cultivate relationships with key media people


Other services:

One on One Coaching designed to help the author or business owner develop the best platform and presence possible.

Speaking to your group and at conferences and events on a number of different topics, including How to Create Buzz in the Media, Online Publicity and Social Networking for your Business, Taking the Mystery out of Media, How to Promote Your Book to Create a Bestseller.

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