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The Media Polisher Professional Media Training Workshop

Be Seen Now: How to Increase your business (and your bottom line) by learning to be visible and social online

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, an author, a small business owner, or you have a product, service, event or cause to promote, your number one goal this year needs to be getting visible online. Your clients and customers are looking for you there. Are you making it easy for them to find you? If not, why not?

Most people hesitate because they instinctively know they aren't ready and they need some help-particularly when it comes to video and audio. If this includes you, then let me be the first to tell you how really smart you are. You see, opening a flip camera, pointing it at yourself and spewing forth is a very risky approach. In fact, I watched someone blow their brand in 6 seconds posting a bad video to Facebook. You don't want that to happen to you. You've probably seen some bad videos and you know that it's a bad idea to post them. Some people just can't tell that they need some help and that it would have been a good idea to get the training first. If you're reading this, you already know that mom was right. First impressions do count, and you don't want to blow it. Communicating alone to a camera doesn't come naturally to anyone, so let's make sure you get the training you need. Let's take some action now and change this.

The good news is that you can do video, audio, social media, blogging, and all the other things it takes to get visible online, but the key is you need to take action and learn how to present yourself and your key messages well%u2026.Now. The time is now and here is the opportunity:

The Media Polisher is set up exactly for this. Get ready for a highly interactive workshop with experts who can help you get to the heart of your key messages, train you to look your best on camera, and take you through the process so that in the end you walk away with a great HD video for your Web site, blog, social media sites, youtube, and other online video hot spots that will increase your visibility dramatically.

Friday, February 4th there is a day-long Media Polisher workshop dedicated to helping you create a fabulous online presence for your business, service, product, book or event. In this workshop you will develop those essential key hooks and angles that will capture your audience and have them watching and listening for more. You will learn techniques that will help you relax and sound natural on camera (even if you think you will be nervous), and you will learn how to look and sound genuine and authentic--exactly what people are looking for from those they buy from these days.

With the help of trained media professionals, you will learn and create the following:
  • How to deliver your key messages succinctly, clearly, and in a way that people will get!
  • Develop a hook perfect for the target audience you are trying to reach
  • NLP techniques to put you in a resourceful state, such as confident, joyful, powerful and congruent in front of the camera
  • Several practice times on camera with feedback to help create the best message
  • Reach your audience in a very authentic, genuine, heartfelt way that they feel, see, and hear
  • Media training and coaching to deliver your special, unique message to the world
  • Training with people who get what you're about and understand the audience you're trying to reach
  • Tips and tricks for creating the best podcasts and social media strategies
  • An opportunity to create an HD video complete with post production for your Web site other online video sites, the social sites, and your blog, which will increase your visibility dramatically.
  • Tips and suggestions for setting up your own in-home studio
Only a limited number of people may attend this workshop so sign up now. We want to be sure that each individual gets plenty of one-on-one time and attention and walks away getting mega value for his or her money, which is why only a few will get in, and only those who act now.

Then the following day, February 5, we provide the opportunity for you to do a complete Hollywood-like taping with the Media Polisher team including a professional videographer during which you can put everything you learned the day before into action. This 2-hour session will result in a professionally produced HD video complete with post production music and other elements for you to use on your Web site, blog, social media sites, Youtube, and other online video sites to really enhance your visibility.

This workshop is different from others because it is all about you. You will walk away with the key messages for YOUR business, the hooks for YOUR business, and a video that is all about you and what you have to offer.

We are making a very special offer for those who are ready right now. At the end of the two sessions, you will walk away with the key messages of your business that you can use over and over again with clarity and intention, plus professionally-produced video footage that you can use in your business right away. Sometimes you just have to jump, so by seeing yourself successful in this, you know it's time to take advantage of this opportunity. If you hear the importance of taking action, and you can feel inside that it's right, then sign up below. We really want you there! Please enter your information below and we will send you additional details, or give The Media Polisher a call at 800-736- 0934.

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